Monday, October 8, 2007

The ShadowGate

Entering the tower, we found evidence that it was some sort of military outpost. There was strange writing in several place. It was some form of elvish, but those in our group who know the elven tongue could not read this script. Ciris could make out a few words, and deduced that the tower was called "The ShadowGate."

In the first true room we entered, we found wine bottles with more of this strange writing on them. We also found furniture with odd spider web designs. A drow outpost perhaps? I think this made us all nervous. Kreon had warned us repeatedly about to wickedness of the dark elves. The next room was some sort of barracks. Ravenna searched around and believed that whoever left the place did so hastily. And it was not too long ago, for there was not much dust on the few things left behind. Another barracks contained hammocks of unusual design--they looked like spider webs. All signs point to drow--I hope none remain!

The last room was very different. A round room (the others all contained straight walls, not curved), some sort of circle was etched on the floor. There was also strange writing, but different from the other writing. After all of Kreon's talk about the evil drow, not much could have made me more nervous. But Casis deciphering the script and realizing that the room has some connection to a demon prince (dare I even write the name down?!) has filled me with trepidation.

I do not like this place.

But we need to find some information. Any information. Something to point us in a direction. And if we can't have that, we need to find a place to resupply our ship so we can journey elsewhere for clues.

We will explore more of the tower shortly. But then we must return to the ship so Katalla does not leave without us.

Demogorgon. That's the name of the demon prince. I can not resist the urge to document my journey fully. I only hope that merely writing down the name does not bring ill fortune upon our brave little group.