Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jan

Yesterday was Mom's birthday.

Several family members were at the Outer Banks in North Carolina: my children, my sister and her family, my dad & stepmother. They corked some champagne and scattered some of Mom's ashes in the ocean. Heather sent an email about this, and we also got some nice responses from other family and friends (Aunt Judy, Anita, Dick and Nancy).

A co-worker wanted to go out to lunch, so I agreed but said that it had to be a special place to celebrate my Mom's birthday. So, we went out to Crawdaddy's, a local Cajun & Creole restaurant, and had a great lunch.

My wife and I decided to go out for dinner to celebrate Mom's birthday. We got all dressed up and went to Eddie Martini's. I was a little disappointed to see some very casual outfits on the other patrons, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm for our memorial meal. We toasted Mom with wine (Tracy) and whiskey sour (me), and enjoyed the fantastic food (a variation on Caesar salad, mahi mahi, steak medallions, and lobster risotto).

We passed on dessert, because Tracy had a craving for Gilles (Milwaukee locals will understand why). By the time we got to Gilles, she decided to get a pint to take home. I asked if we had anything to put on it, and Tracy answered, "Baileys," with a smile. But by the time we got home, neither one of us wanted to eat frozen custard, so we just toasted Mom one final time with a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream.

So, thanks Mom, for introducing me to Bailey's Irish Cream...and everything else.

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