Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Road Trip!

We have decided to take the kids out to see Mom. Given the short time-frame (we want to go this weekend or next weekend at the latest), airfare was astronomical (over $2000 total for a family of four). So, we've decided to do something I have not done in ten years--drive to Virginia.

I really don't like to drive. But last year we drove to Alabama for vacation (Gulf Shores is lovely in April) and I drove to Ohio for a college reunion. It's like I was prepping for the marathon drive to Virginia (although the drive to Alabama was probably further...checking...yes, 200 miles more, according to Google Maps). Still, driving to a vacation is a lot more fun than driving to visit a dying parent.

I think the visit itself will be nice. And I am going to remain optimistic that the drive itself won't be too bad.

I like to listen to audiobooks (the art form formerly known as 'books on tape') on long drives. I tried it on the Alabama trip, but no one else would listen to the books with me. Stupid iPods and PSPs. So the best I can hope for is to make a bunch of annoying CDs and torment my family with them. Ahhhh, good times ahead!

(Alternatively, RedBox allows you to rent movies in one location and return them in a different location--very smart business plan. I wonder how long before Blockbuster tries it. Two years? Three?)

I should set up this blog to accept posts via email; then I can torture blog-readers by posting excruciating details of the drive, like: Just passed mile marker 75! and Gas Prices in eastern Indiana and What was that on the side of the road? and Why we will only eat at Stuckey's on this trip and Should we pick up this hitchhiker--or run him/her/it over? and, finally, Just passed mile marker 78! Wouldn't that be an exciting three miles?

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