Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Tower--Second Visit

Returning to the tower, we were able to bypass the 'wave' trap quite easily (in fact, the lit candle does not melt at all--nice magic, indeed!) and continue our exploration where we left off.

In a corridor, which we thought to be a dead end, a secret door was discovered. (Ravenna does much more than just talk--her talents are proving quite useful in our little journey.) Beyond the door lay a secret library. Before we could investigate the contents more thoroughly, skeletons attacked us. Now, we had already heard Katalla's tale of the undead kobolds, but this was something very different. I know others of my faith would scoff at me for saying this, but these skeletons were not mindless. In fact, it appeared they were reading books when we happened upon them! Curiouser and curiouser....

We battled the skeletons, and with Fharlanghn's blessing and the magical mace I smote two of them myself. With the powerful swords of Aesa and Enzo, Ravenna's many skills, and the powerful magic of Ciris, we defeated the skeletons.

And in the library itself, Aesa found three very interesting items: a map and two traveller's journals! Surely Fharlanghn himself has pointed my journey in this direction.


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