Saturday, November 3, 2007

Katalla's Tale

When we returned to the ship, we were in for a surprise. Apparently, while we explored the tower, some of the dead kobolds rose up and attacked! Katalla managed to defend the children (and herself). She was grateful to have my mace at her side.

We gave the bodies of the snake things to the kobolds for food. The nasty little yippers tore into them immediately.

Later, when no one else was around, Ciris asked me to try on the ring he had acquired from Kreon. The mage asked me if anything unusual happened. I lied and said nothing happened. But, in truth, the ring talked to me! Ciris had told me (and only me) that the ring had talked to him, saying it was disappointed to be on the finger of a mage once again. I promised to show the ring something interesting--the strange shadow braziers in the tower. This seemed to intrigue the ring, but it would speak no more.


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