Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Candle in the Dark

Continuing to explore the tower, we came across a most ingenious trap. A wave of darkness caused much grief, until we discovered something just beyond the trap: a small niche, with a candle and some sort of device to light it. Once we lit the candle, the wave of darkness ceased its harm. I kept the lighting device, for who knows when such a device might be useful.

We found a door, with a strange rune on it. The rune was in the shape of a flame, though for a moment the plumes of flame reminded me of the tentacled-horror who assaulted us on the ship! Beyond were drow beds. We reseted a few minutes to recover from the wave of darkness and then pressed on. Much to our surprise, we were attacked by a snake-like creature. As I darted around the beast to close the other door in the room, another appeared. The bite was not so bad, but its poison made me woozy. Luckily, we managed to dispatch the snakes, aided much by a mighty blow from Enzo. And raise Fharlanghn for Kreon's antitoxin, which Ravenna gave me! It helped staunch the poison's ill effects.

Not too badly injured, we marched on. This time, the very shadows attacked us! Its touch did not do damage, per se, but seemed to drain our very strength. Ciris suffered the most weakening from the shadow-beast. We could not kill the beast, but managed to fight it to some sort of stand-off. We decided to flee the tower and recover, rather than risk a renewed attack.


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