Monday, October 8, 2007

A Sign

Last (night?) while on watch, Ciris saw something. Flashes of light off in the distance. Different colors, he said. I think green, then red, then green again, but I can't remember. Then, someone (I think Katalla, but I was sleeping and don't know who saw it first) saw something fly overhead. Something very large. It seemed to come from the direction of the light flashes, flew over the ship, and continued away in the opposite direction.

Since it was time to start rowing, we decided to row toward the flashes of light. It is the only thing we have seen off in the distance, and none of us knows the route Kreon was planning to take.

While some of our group helped with the rowing, some of us tried our hand at fishing. Whedan "taught" Enzo and myself how to fish. We did catch several fish--disgusting things with bulbous white eyes. We gave some to the kobolds right away as a reward for keeping their end of the bargain. They ate the fish (raw!) right away.

Enzo and I did have a chance to capture a large wing (perhaps from companion to the creature who flew overhead a few hours before?), but Enzo thought we should not risk our only net to catch such a "prize." While I was disappointed that we would not get to examine the large wing floating in the water, I feel Enzo's decision was very wise. There may be more to that fighter-boy than I first thought!

Later, when I was rowing, others kept fishing. We at least will have some "fresh meat" for the kobolds.

And then we spotted something. The sign led us to something, but we're not sure what.


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