Monday, October 8, 2007

Death in the Endless Night

"Some journey" is right.

Last night (or was it day? you can't tell down here), Kreon was killed. We were sailing along, when suddenly, three monsters appeared on the deck of the ship. They were man-sized, but had disgusting gray skin, strange bulbous eyes, and several tentacles dangling from their chins. It was easy to recognize an illithid from Kreon's descriptions, even though I had never seen one before.

I don't know exactly what happened; somehow they stunned us and much time passed. When I regained my sense, Kreon was dead. Two of the illithids were gone and the third one was dead. But a large fur-covered beast was also present. This bugbear (I later learned that's what it was) attacked us. Working together, we were able to defeat the monster. Although Aesa did take some severe damage, Fharlanghn's blessing were able to prevent her death. Whedan even joined in the attack, using his father's dagger. (Though he did not strike the foul beast, he did try; Enzo gave the lad much praise for his efforts.)

There was also a large fist made of fire, circling the boat. It eventually dissipated. Ciris somehow knew that it was not Kreon's magic. With the illithids all dead, we have no idea who formed the fist.

After the bugbear was dispatched, we examined his body and the illithid body. Both were wearing a strange amulet (which Ciris said was not magical). I wonder what the amulet means? It looks like a diamond placed in front of triangle, so that the top of the diamond overlays the bottom of the triangle.

Then we had to deal with the kobolds. We don't trust them, but one of them does speak the common tongue, so we were able to come to an agreement with them. (Really, I guess the agreement is with him--we call him Dreck--but as long as he cows the other kobolds, we have no complaints.) We agreed to share the good food with them, if they would keep rowing. We also agreed to help with the rowing.

The kobolds keep insisting on fresh meat. Though it sickened us, we immediately gave them the body of the bugbear. They devoured it very quickly.

We searched the ship's hold, really just to inventory our supplies. We managed to take a lock off a chest (well, Ravenna managed it) and use it to lock the hold so the kobolds don't steal the food or other supplies.

The kobolds will row hard, and we will help (just two of us at a time). We will keep moving across the Sunless Sea. We don't even know where we're going (not that one needs a destination; the journey itself is reward enough!) but we have food to last only one week.


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