Saturday, September 23, 2006

Am I asking too much? Am I asking the impossible?

Why the fuck won't my goddamm mutherfucking $500 PDA connect to my motherfuckin' $2000 PC and fucking sync up? This worthless piece of shit (never buy a Palm - they suck!) will sync up with my crappy work PC, but has not worked at home for the four years I've had it. And I tried it one three different computers. What a worthless piece of cocksucking goddamm babyraping shit cunt motherfuck bunghole turdmunching shit.

Is it asking too much out of corporate america that their fucking overpriced shit actually work as advertised? That stuff which is supposed to take "5 minutes" to accomplish can actually get done in less than five hours? Or can actually get done at all? Jesusfuckingchrist!!

I understand we live in the capitalist age. You can't get something for nothing. You get what you pay for. So when I pay a lot of money for something, I expect it to work. Support is worthless, if it's not completely nonexistant. I don't want to talk to fucking Apu in GangBangladore fuckin' India if it doesn't work. Give me someone with a brain who knows about the product.

Does corporate America really wonder why consumers have no brand loyalty? Why do consumers desert a product line as soon as something cheaper comes along? We have no brand loyalty because the butthead accounting who fuckin' cut corners to make an extry penny per unit have created a society where getting something cheaper is better than getting something done right. Thank you, Wal-Mart, for ruining the USA. If Al-Qaeda had targetted your fucking corporate headquarters, they'd be heroes instead of the terrorist scumbag goat-fucking pedophile bung-eaters they are.


Blogger Roscoe said...

Wow. A real certifiable rant. Love it. Is it too late to return the offending PDA?

4:35 PM  

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