Thursday, August 17, 2006

So at long last someone has finally been taken into custody in the murder of America's favorite Dead Future Spokesmodel, JonBenet Ramsey.

I can't be the only person finding the timing to be, shall we say, suspect. Just as other issues in the world really seem to be spiralling out of control, we get an arrest for a mercifully nearly forgotten death of a spoiled rotten little girl who seemed destined to spend her life waving while standing next to Evil Rich Men. Would anyone really be surprised to find that Karl Rove was behind the resuscitation of this case?

Would you put it past Karl Rove to have maneuvered some poor kiddie porn fanatic into confessing after manipulating Colorado police into putting off a serious investigation until just exactly the moment he wanted?

And what am I to make of the confessed "killer"'s ex-wife going on the record saying that he was in Alabama with her when the world was freed from the burden of supporting yet another Infomercial Hostess? I saw this little bit of info online and it has been quickly buried in all kinds of other allegations about the accused loony.

Ick. Ick, I say.

I am Roscoe. I say Ick.


Blogger Pooji said...

My theory on the nut-case claiming he killed JonBenet....

He thought he was about to get arrested for some crime committed in Thailand. Hmmmm, American jail or Thai jail? Yeah, America sounds a lot better.

I heard another good theory this weekend, but I have already forgotten it. I guess I just don't care too much about beauty queen murders from 10 years ago.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Pooji said...

Hey, nut-job used to run a day-care in his home. Great....

9:55 AM  

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