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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I don't know who's worse - duhvelopers or damagement.

I think that damagers who used to be in duhvelopment are probably the worst possible lot.

Do they ever think? Do they ever plan? Will they ever get a clue? Don't hold your breath.

There's a report that has to get written. It's mandated by the state. Of course, the old systems that produced the report have both been replaced. And, of course, no one ever planned to run this report on the new systems. So, now, someone has to write a report that is basically a clone of the old report. The only difference is the source of the data.

One of our damagers told a duhveloper to just "throw it into" a certain database. Of course, that database is for small, non-critical applications. Not a stand-alone report. It's ONE FUCKING REPORT--put it in one of the systems that provides data for it. It's a financial accounting report--maybe it should live in the accounting system? It reports on student-related data--maybe it should live in the student records system? No, just throw it into another database. Then we can move data between THREE DIFFERENT SYSTEMS, instead of just two.

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