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Thursday, August 21, 2003

God, these "consultants" they hire....

We have one here, a former employee, who does application stuff. You know, like "how to use" and reporting bugs to the vendor, etc. Not a technical person, per se, but she does have a degree in computer programming. Allegedly.

We're trying to improve performance on a screen, so we try adding an index to a column. This is pretty basic stuff, but the index does not seem to help the performance. The column we indexed was the column used to store the student's first name. When performance did not improve, this consultant said, "Maybe it's the parent's name that got indexed."

Grrrrr. We didn't add any indexes to the parents table; we only added an index to the students table. Maybe she thought that the database just magically indexed some table besides the one I typed. Yeah, that's it--the gremlins must be active today.

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