Monday, October 8, 2007

The Tower

We found a large tower rising up out of the water. A very large tower--perhaps a thousand feet across? We circled it in the boat and found two landing spots, on opposite sides of the tower.

The tower is made of some black material. Of course, it may just look black in the sunless world. There is even a small jetty by one of the landing areas (the first one we found). There is an opening in the side of the tower, flanked by two statues. The statues look like a very stylized representation of humans, but the figures have six fingers on each hand. Odd. I guess they do not depict surface-dwelling humans.

We discussed what to do. Leave or explore the tower? Our biggest concern was, naturally, the kobolds. We can not trust them, yet we must if we are to explore the tower. We can not take the children with us, yet we can not trust the kobolds with their safety. And even if they do not harm the children, they could just start rowing away!

Katalla volunteered to stay behind with the children. She has my mace for protection (apparently, she brought no weapons of her own; I let her keep it for I had obtained a magical mace from the bugbear slain during the fight on deck). We kept the lock on the hold to protect the foodstuffs and gear, and then bribed Dreck to keep the kobolds in line. The greed in his face was obvious as he stared at the 20 silver pieces we gave him. We promised him more upon our return, if the boat and humans were well taken care of.

Nervous at leaving the (relative) safety of the boat, we nonetheless set off. We told Katalla that we would return in three hours times as this is just a brief scouting mission. If we can not return in three hours, Fharlanghn help us!


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