Monday, October 8, 2007

Teleportation Blues

A high ranking member of the Order named Kreon will be leading us to our hideout.

He cast a powerful spell (some sort of teleportation) and we were whisked away, ending up in some large underground cavern. The spell made me nauseous; I really didn't like it. Then Kreon took us to a very odd boat waiting on the shores of what he called the "Sunless Sea."

It is a strange little boat. Kreon said that it was "liberated" from a race called Drow. These evil beings are elves who live underground; they delight in tormenting and enslaving other races.

It is a strange little group on the boat. Kreon has brought along his two children (Whedan and Kassie)....and then there are the kobolds. Nasty little yippers, Kreon keeps them in line through powerful magic. All they do is row and sleep.

There is also a woman, who appears to be sleeping, in a large glass box in the hold. Whedan said her name was Artera.

Finally, there are the six....well, I don't really know what to call us. Refugees, I guess? There is Katalla (a potter), Ciris (an arcanist like Kreon, only not as powerful), Ravenna (who likes to chat and is a bit of a pack rat), Enzo (who constantly practices fighting moves), Aesa (an intimidating women from the northern barbarian tribes), and me. Six humans, sailing across the Sunless Sea with enslaved kobolds providing the muscle for rowing.

This is turning out to be some journey!


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